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Live Cruelty-Free

Dedicate Your Life to "Least Harm"

Harmless vs. Least Harm

If we are honest with ourselves we will realize no one who lives on this planet can be 100% harmless. As the cynics like to point out, countless insects are killed every time a wheat field is plowed.

Therefore, our goal must be the philosophy of

"Do the least harm."

With this standard in mind, we offer the following suggestions and resources for cruelty-free (least harm) living.

Important steps towards a

Cruelty-Free Lifestyle

  • Do you have a Board of Directors?
    Yes, we have a Board of Directors, with official positions. We also have administrative personnel. All of these jobs are strictly volunteer-based. Here is our current Board: President, John Chapin Vice-President, Bonnie Boime Treasurer, Cate Brown Secretary, Mel Dujmovic Director, Nic Dickman Legal Adviser, Dan Kolde Administrative Assistant, Mare Florentino Mail Manager, Mare Florentino St. Louis VegFest Chair, Caty Brown
  • What are your by-laws?
    You can view START's by-laws here.
  • What are some of START's accomplishments?
    START has worked within the St. Louis and Missouri communities to gain rights and respect for all species. Here are some of our achievements.
  • What are your ongoing activities?
    We are involved in a broad range of activities, such as leafleting, demonstrating, educational booths at community events, and hosting our own events. Here are some more details.
  • Do you need volunteers for your various events and activities?
    Yes! We can always use dedicated volunteers to staff our booths, help at our events, join our demonstrations, work social media, and more. We especially need volunteers once St. Louis VegFest rolls around. You can read our Volunteer Policy and fill out our Volunteer Application if you are interested.
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