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Petland Puppy Mill Billboard Campaign Donations needed!

START has posted two billboards in Fenton where Petland has unfortunately opened a new store. We also learned that they are opening a new store near the Lake of the Ozarks. We are encouraging people to research Petland's puppy mill connections and their egregious history of animal cruelty.  The billboards are at Hwy 44 and Larkin Williams, and near 141 and Hwy 44.  The more money we raise, the longer we can keep them up and or add another one near the Lake of the Ozarks location. It will cost $8,500 to keep them posted through the holiday shopping season. Please spread the word and chip in if you can!  You can donate and share our Billboard Fundraiser page or you can also mail a donation to the address below. Thank you!

If you want to get involved, visit the Dogs Uncaged Website and follow them on Facebook to attend a protest!

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