It has long been known that antibiotics are used extensively in Big Ag. Farmed animals are fed a continuous supply, creating increasingly resistant bacteria. This year will be a new high.

The number of non-human species killed by humans every year is incomprehensible for most people. Find out what they are, and why using them may have an adverse effect on our advocacy.

A new study takes a unique approach to measuring the connection between domestic violence and animal abuse.

Best news... Worst news...

Dogs make good ballboys at tennis tournament

Poachers savagely attack rhino orphanage

This extensive infgographic details the impact meat consumption has on the environment, world hunger, and the economy.

The true cost of eating meat


The Animal Tracker conclusions for 2016 - vital for activists

2016 Results: Best and worst states for animal welfare laws


PBR Demos this Weekend

USDA Hiding Animal Welfare Records

The USDA has taken animal welfare information off its website

This comes at a time when legislation has been introduced to keep better tabs on government spending in the animal research arena. See Wayne Pacelle’s post on this action.

Tell APHIS to restore transparency

Tell the USDA to stop protecting animal abusers

Tell Congress to end the secrecy  •  Support the FACT Act