It has long been known that antibiotics are used extensively in Big Ag. Farmed animals are fed a continuous supply, creating increasingly resistant bacteria. This year will be a new high.

The number of non-human species killed by humans every year is incomprehensible for most people. Find out what they are, and why using them may have an adverse effect on our advocacy.

A new study takes a unique approach to measuring the connection between domestic violence and animal abuse.

Best news... Worst news...

Ringlng Bros. will finally shut down!

Devastating impact of pipeline installation.

This extensive infgographic details the impact meat consumption has on the environment, world hunger, and the economy.

The true cost of eating meat


START is proud to host an event featuring the work of Damien Mander, founder of the International Anti-Poaching Foundation.

details to come

National attention on tax-funded animal experiments

Damien Mander video event coming this winter!


Suggested Resources

There are terrific animal advocates all around us, and we hear from them on a regular basis. Some are especially conscientious and send suggestions for resources. We are grateful for the following addition to our Resources page.

Renter’s Guide to Pet Owning (Many thanks to a special Girl Scout troop!)