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Introducing our Sponsors, Vendors, Speakers, and Performers


Bombay Food Junkies

This unique restaurant offers solely vegetarian/vegan Indian food in three deliciously convenient ways - at their Saint Ann cafe, through their traveling food truck, and now via home-delivered meals.

Carol House Furniture

A local family-owned home furnishings store with a bonus - compassion. These dedicated animal lovers not only support community organizations, they refuse to sell leather furniture.


Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

Lush is proof-positive that 'socially responsible' can be beautiful. They have a full and exciting line of ethically produced plant-based body care products. 


St. Louis Juice Press

As refreshing as it gets! These cold-pressed juices are just what the doctor ordered for a summer festival in St. Louis. The colors alone will have your mouth watering!




Cary Gray

A musician, artist, writer, backpacker...and long distance unicyclist! In his own words, Cary's goal is "empowering others to live healthy, sustainable, and adventurous lives." Come and let him empower you.


Caryn Dugan (StL Veg Girl)

StL Veg Girl has become a celebrity in St. Louis, due to her uplifting personality and mouth-watering vegan cooking demos. She will prove to you that preparing healthy plant-based meals and snacks can be simple, convenient, and fun.

Ellen Jaffe Jones

Ellen is a prolific vegan book author, accomplished athlete, personal trainer, and vegan lifestyle coach/chef. She's been a popular speaker on the national vegfest circuit since her TV Emmy-winning investigative reporting days in St. Louis and Miami. Her most popular book, "Eat Vegan on $4 a Day" destroys the myth that being vegan is expensive.

Fabulously Vegan

"Compassion, Grace, & Style" are the site's watchwords, and Artinces nails it! She has made it her mission to share the excitement and fascination she feels about a vegan lifestyle. (Her quirky sense of humor is a bonus!)

Rosa Kincaid, MD

Dr. Kincaid is as diverse and multi-talented as they come: Physician, professional ballet dancer, aerobics instructor, grandmother - for starters. She is an experienced and charismatic person, who will inspire you to be the very best you can be.

Vegan Meathead

Daniel Austin is a successful, competitive powerlifter, author, and proud vegan. He is the perfect exemplar of vegan health and strength.


We are happy to have as our supercharged announcer, John Lewis - aka Bad Ass Vegan!


We welcome Pierce The Vegan as a musical guest to St. Louis VegFest! Not only is he vegan, but he's an amazing guitarist, singer, and performer all around. Check out his YouTube channel.

Entertaining us throughout the day will be DJs from Utopia Studios, a complete resource for budding and established musicians. Utopia is a true hometown business, with comprehensive facilities for performing artists of all kinds - musicians, dancers, actors, and photographers.